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why physical retail?

Physical retail gives you something online retail cannot. It enables you to demonstrate the quality of your product or service in person, engage with customers face to face and build brand awareness and loyalty. Having your logo in big, bold writing above the shop door gets your brand noticed and helps you acquire new customers.

What’s the catch?

The process of opening a shop or other high street business can be challenging. It requires time, energy, and perseverance. Choosing the right property and securing it on affordable terms takes skill and is fundamental to whether your business just survives or thrives. The location, pitch, condition, lease terms and timeframes all play a part in determining its success.

So why go at it alone?

Don’t! There is no need to. Hatch makes the process of leasing commercial property and opening a high street business as easy and risk free as it should be. We offer affordable support, guidance, and data analysis through a series of tools, to ensure you make the right decisions.

So, whether you are looking to start a new business venture altogether, move from online into physical retail or expand an existing business into new markets, we are here to help you hatch on the high street.

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