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Imagine a Rightmove or air bnb but for tenants. In other words, rather than listing the details of available properties, we list the property requirements of businesses wanting to rent. A requirement listing typically contains info on the business, where it is looking, what size it needs and contact information.

See example listing here


It makes it a two-way search enabling agents to come to you with suitable properties that match your requirement. Not only does it boost your reach and reduce the leg work of finding a property, but it allows you to get ahead of the competition. As agents will notify you of properties before they hit the market.


Only landlords and agents can search and view listings. If they have a property that matches your requirements, they will email you with details. Please note businesses are not able to view each other’s listings.


Simply click on the button below and fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Then preview and submit. We will then review your listing and make sure we have everything we need. Once live, agents can search by location to find your listing and email you with details of suitable properties.