Dialogue Hub is helping to address the accessibility and inequalities faced by people with visual and hearing impairments by providing employment for disabled people and tackling societal stigma.

Who We Are

We create spaces for dialogue, interaction, and experiential learning. We believe in the amazing power of story telling and experiences to change people’s perspectives and stereotypes towards others. Thereby we are striving to build cross community engagement through our platforms to achieve more inclusive society. Bringing people together through arts and culture, coffee and immersive experiences. The aim of the cafe is to champion British Sign Language (BSL) by inviting people into a new way of communication while creating employment opportunities for deaf and hearing impaired people in London
Changing lives one cup of coffee at a time!



• As we have previously developed good relations with Lambeth Borough, Southwark Borough and Hackney Borough, we prefer to be in these boroughs.
• High ceilings and windowless for the Dialogue Experience (250m2 minimum)
• Dialogue Café space (50m2 minimum)

Store Size

500-1,500 sq ft (3 parking spaces up to half a tennis court)


Dalston – Hackney, East Dulwich – Southwark, Hackney Central – Hackney, Peckham – Southwark, Shoreditch – Hackney, Stratford – Newham

Additional Requirements

Extraction, 3 phase power, Outdoor seating, Air conditioning, Rear Access, Office, Customer Parking

Business Information

Company Name

Current Distribution Channels

Online, Pop Ups, Tradeshows, In Store


Annual Turnover

Less than £50k

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