About Hatch

Have you ever thought about opening a physical store?

Or moving your pop up into a permanent site? Or maybe you’re expanding your business into a new location?

Either way, you are likely to have already experienced some of the challenges of renting commercial property.

Finding out where shops and restaurants are advertised for rent

Getting hold of agents

Understanding how much business rates are

Finding a solicitor

Finding tradesmen

Knowing what level you should make an offer

The point is, opening a physical store is really quite difficult. It is time consuming, often complicated and can be risky. The national retailers and occupiers pay advisors to help them. But advisors are unaffordable for small businesses. And trying to manage the whole process yourself will only come back to bite you.

So we built Hatch to fill this gap and help startups and scale ups move their business onto the high street.

We help end to end, from your property search all the way through to day you open. This includes:

We help end to end, from your property search all the way through to day you open.

This includes Finding a premises Location insight Affordability Lease negotiations Fit out Equipping your store Recruitment

We offer the essentials for free. And only when we need to get more hands on do we have charge a small monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime. If you’re interested and want to hear more, book a call.

About our founder

After qualifying as a chartered surveyor, Paddy Bates specialised in retail agency, within the commercial property sector. He spent 7 years at a West End firm, advising national retailers and brands on opening new sites, and from this, gained expertise in exactly how to find, negotiate, secure and open a store. A key part of this was in knowing and understanding precisely what commercial landlords want from a tenant.

During this time, Paddy came across many budding startups and scaleups, and saw first hand the challenges they face when opening a physical store. Advice was too expensive and agents and advisors were not interested in helping smaller businesses. So these startups and scaleups would go through the commercial leasing process alone, unadvised, and make mistakes that would often come back to bite them. In many cases, these mistakes lead to the business going bust shortly after opening.

UK high streets were dying as the doomsters were reporting. Yet these budding startups and scale ups that were key to their revival had no support, guidance or expertise when trying to open a store. It seemed completely bonkers. And so in 2021 Paddy left his job, advising nation brands, to start Hatch - a platform specialising in helping startups and scaleups open a physical store.