We champion physical retail

We believe in the advantages and benefits of physical retail and the opportunity it presents to grow your business.

Engage with customers face to face

Grow brand awareness

Higher conversion rates

Fewer returns

Product development and feedback

Opportunity to upsell

Increase social media following

No postage costs and less packaging

Build brand loyalty

Subsequent growth in online sales

Higher margins

Customers can touch and feel products

Now is the perfect time to move your business onto the high street.

Physical retail is becoming cheaper as rents and rates decrease and less risky as lease terms become shorter.

At the same time, online is becoming increasingly saturated and more expensive with Meta and Google ads on the rise.

We are a one-stop shop for small business owners

We acknowledge opening a physical store takes time, can be complicated and has its risks. That's where we come in. We provide small business owners with everything they need to open a physical store.

Our toolkit simplifies the process of renting and refurbishing a retail space. We remove the risk using location insight and affordability calculators. We provide support and guidance via a series of tools, timelines, templates, checklists, articles, blogs, contacts and 1 to 1 support.

End to end support and guidance. From property search through to the day you open.

This includes Finding a premises Location insight Affordability Lease negotiations Fit out Equipping your store Recruitment

Our mission is to revive the high street

Exciting new brands and restaurants give high streets a point of difference. Independent business owners offer consumers expertise and a personalised shopping experience, not obtainable online.

It is our belief that these small businesses give people a reason to visit the high street and are key to its revival. By rewilding the high street with budding startups and ambitious scaleups, they will once again become the vibrant, buzzing places that connect communities.

By helping you achieve your goal of opening a physical store we achieve our goal in helping to rewild the high street.

Our Story

Our founder, Paddy, spent 10 years working in the commercial property retail sector as a surveyor. National retailers sought his expertise in delivering new stores throughout the UK. Whilst landlords sought his advice in sourcing new tenants.

During this time, he saw the mistakes small business owners made like signing up to lease terms they didn't need to. As well as the challenges they faced, like simply finding out how much business rates are or knowing where commercial properties were advertised.

Property advisors were unaffordable and only interested in working with national occupiers. It seemed crazy that shops lay empty yet the very businesses that were key to the revival of the high street (startups and scaleups), had absolutely no support or guidance when trying to rent retail space.

And so, in 2020, amid the pandemic, Hatch was born to fill this gap and give small businesses the same access to commercial advice, guidance and insight that the larger business benefit from.

Paddy Bates, Founder & CEO